Free Printable Ramadan, Eid ul-Fitr and Islamic Greeting Cards and Activities

For Muslims, Ramadan is holy season marked by prayer, fasting and abstinence. Ramadan, in the Islamic calendar is a month-long observance, falling roughly in the month of August. Ramadan began on July 21 in 2012. It will end with the celebration  of Eid ul-Fitr (also called Eid al-Fitr or Lesser Eid) on August 19 (my birthday--I'm blessed). Greater Eid or Eid al- Adha is celebrated on Oct. 26. This celebrates the great sacrifice of Abraham in offering up his son Isaac. Here are free printable activities to help children explore Ramadan and Lesser Eid,  including printable greeting cards. Free Printable Ramadan and Islamic Activities for Children

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