Free printable Doctor Who coloring pages: Time Lord, TARDIS, Weeping Angels

BBC's sci-fi show "Doctor Who" has taken American audiences by storm, especially with younger middle schoolers and teens. The Doctor Who TV series will celebrate its 53rd birthday in 2016. None of us watched Doctor Who till the youngest daughter discovered it in 2005 when she was seven. She like the cool TARDIS time ship in the blue British phone box. The current Time Lord was the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston who became my favorite. Her favorite was the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Since the Time Lord has regenerated twice, with Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Time Lord. How about free printables for a Doctor Who themed birthday party?

So if you love galaxy and time hopping in the TARDIS, and battling Cybermen and Daleks here are free printable Doctor Who coloring pages to extend your adventures. BBC has eight free printable Doctor Who coloring pages of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor Who characters, as portrayed by David Tennant. There are coloring pages of Martha (one of the doctors' assistants). There are online Doctor Who games featuring Mickey, Rose, Sarah Jane, Martha and other characters. There are printable coloring pages of Doctor Who monsters and villains--Daleks (they're aliens that resemble salt shakers). Some of these characters are in the Doctor Who spin-off "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Chronicles."

BBC One has free printable Eleventh Doctor Who activities, too. Oh and don't miss the super creepy free printable Doctor Who masks. Cut and paste masks of the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Doctor Who villains--Ood, Silurian, Smiler, the Master, Silence, the doppelgangers, the Weeping Angels and a Peg Doll who makes Chucky look like Chuck. E. Cheesecake! These would be perfect for Doctor Who Halloween costumes. But beware of the Weeping Angels--don't blink--they're Doctor Who's scariest, wiliest opponents of all.

There are free printable TARDIS jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages and crafts under the nebulous category "Makes" --presumably meaning "crafts to make. Color Doctor Who Daleks, Cybermen, monsters, creatures and aliens the Time Lord has battled. You can explore the TARDIS using online interactive activities, too. You can also play the Game of Rassilon (in several variations) online. There are quizzes and free jigsaw puzzles based on Doctor Who episodes.

Doctor Who used to come on late at night when if first appeared in the US. Back then TV stations didn't come in that great and BBC shows on PBS got even worse reception. So only hardcore science fiction fans with super-strong TV receivers watched Doctor Who. But it has quite a cult following now in the US and always has had in Great Britain.. Each of the 12 incarnations of Doctor Who is very different the others. The doctors are always good guys, though--even when they have to do something that seems bad it's really for the good of mankind. Not many of the older Doctor Who doctors will be familiar to modern audiences outside of the UK. except perhaps Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor who was Puddleglum, the Marshwiggle in C.S. Lewis's "The Silver Chair" (Chronicles of Narnia). This fan site has many free printable Doctor Who coloring pages of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor. And now, back to the TARDIS!

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